Divided We Fall

It is an age old story. An old man summoned his sons and gave them a bundle of sticks to break. None could break a stick in the bundle. And then, the old man untied the bundle, and gave a stick to each son, which was easily broken by everyone.
Its such a common story that I am sure everyone on the planet have read or heard it before. Unfortunately, the story and its moral is forgotten by every Islamic country in the world, just as the orders about good deeds in the Holy Qur’an are forgotten. Muslims united under the guidance of prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) more than fourteen centuries ago. United, Muslims ruled much of the known world in the next few centuries, though the seeds of divisions among Muslims were sown, not long after prophet Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) death. History is full of battles and betrayals among Muslim rulers. Consequently, they lost the power over the world because of their divisions.
There is a famous saying in English language, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Islamic countries have been making fools of themselves for centuries. They experienced glorious times at the height of Umayya and Abbassi caliphates. And they went through rough times when those and other Islamic empires fell. They did not learn any lesson from that turbulent ride of power. Even after so many centuries and so many defeats because of their divisions, they are still divided, to this day.

There are at least 47 countries where Muslims are in majority. Almost every one of these countries has hatred for other Islamic countries in its region. Libya is the latest case in point. When the coalition of Christian countries, predominantly the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and France, attacked Libya shamelessly and unprovoked, none of the forty seven Islamic states had the courage or the desire to stand up for one of their own. In the recent history, Libya is the third Islamic country directly attacked by the coalitian of Christian countries, after Iraq and Afghanistan. Muslims around the world have rightfully, started asking, who is next. But whoever it is, rest assured, the rest of the Islamic countries will turn a blind eye, until its their turn.

(Just daydreaming..         All Islamic countries could put their militaries on high alert, informing the coalition of Christian countries that an attack on Libya or any other Islamic country will be considered as an attack on all Islamic countries. And that, Libya should be left alone to deal with her problems herself, just like any other country in the world. What would they do. Start the third world war? But again, like I said, Just daydreaming!)


Raymond Davis Released

Murderer has been released..

War on terror equals might is right.

Following are the words, taken from Wikipedia.

Linguist George Lakoff of the Rockridge Institute has argued that there cannot literally be a war on terror, since terror is an abstract noun. “Terror cannot be destroyed by weapons or signing a peace treaty. A war on terror has no end.”

On the lighter side

Surfing through the TV channels, I stumbled across this masterpiece by a very talented 20 year young man “Usman Riaz”, and felt like sharing with everyone else.

Drone Attacks and Pakistani Missiles

How ironic it is that these two news are set in the newspaper right next to each other.



What good are all those missiles, our military is developing, if they cannot be used to protect its citizens. Yes, citizens and not terrorists. The news clearly states that in at least one drone attack, twelve people were killed, out of which,only three were ALLEGED terrorists. So, what about the rest of the nine people. Were they rats? And even the three ALLEGED terrorists, did they not have a right to prove their innocence. Who gave anybody the right to kill anybody, on the basis of allegations, without a trial in a court?

I am sure, Allama Iqbal said the following, for occasions like these.

“Jis khait say dehqan ko mayassar na ho rozi..

us khait ke her khosha-e-gundum ko jala do”.

People’s Representatives

Being a Pakistani, have you ever wondered how or why, Pakistanis are being lebeled as terrorists, around the globe. Take a look at this piece of news.  


Now, here is a perfect example of the kind who are representing the people of Pakistan on national and international levels.

US Department of State

Here is a great insight into the U.S. Department of State and the so-called revolutions around the world.